Digital radiography

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CR - Computer radiography

DR - Digital radiography

Radiographic examinations are considered the basic method of non-destructive testing with the highest reliability of results. The radiographic examination uses the phenomenon of absorption of penetrating radiation by the object under examination. After passing a homogeneous beam of radiation through a given object, as a result of the internal differentiation of the structure, the intensity varies in the radiation stream, proportional to the degree of absorption when passing through the object. These differences are registered by a detector, which may be: in traditional radiography, a silver membrane, in computer radiography (CR) a phosphor image plate or a direct digital detector in direct radiography (DR).

The fields of its application are practically all processes of manufacturing and operation of industrial devices. The basic production sectors in the industry where the radiographic method is most often used are: welding, founding and plastic processing in such branches as: shipbuilding, chemical, petrochemical, automotive, aerospace and space.

Digital radiography allows to reduce research costs and shorten their execution time. By using reusable memory boards, we save on the membranes.

The transition from analogue radiography to digital radiography is an unavoidable evolution in this field of non-destructive testing.